Registration Questions

Q: Who can attend? A: Open to all, regardless of level of cricket, regardless of where you live or who you play cricket for. Age restrictions for each camp may differ. Q: What if my child needs extra help, can they still attend? A: Of course! We want everyone to have an amazing day, and we'll listen to you and your child's requirements and individual needs to make sure you are both happy. Q: We want to attend but we are not available for all 4 days. A: We are not in a position to offer refunds or reduced rates based on attending 3 days or less. This is a four day, progressive camp that builds on previous content delivered. Its structure is based on players attending all four days. So if you miss a day, we are unable to bring another player in to fill that slot. Q: I want to come to this camp but I am not available for these days. A: To show your interest please email us at enquiries@tendulkarmga.com. Q: I want to attend the camp but I do not live nearby. A: All are welcome to be a part of this brilliant camp as long as all applicants are within the required gae bracket. Unfortunately our facilities do not allow us to provide accomdate for particpants to stay however there are many hotels nearby to the camp location. We also inform that we will not be able to provide you with a visa but we are more than happy to provide an invitiation or supporting letter to confirm your attendance for the camp in order to support your visa application. Q: Can my brother or sister come? A: As long as they are inside the age boundaries provided, then yes. Q: Can I fill out one booking for multiple players? A: No. Please fill out a form for each player who wishes to participate in the camp. Q: Why should we attend? A: Why would you not attend! Don't miss out on this once in a life time experience allowing players to rub shoulders with some of the most renowned coaches whilst also building on your skills and techniques each day to better your methodology as a cricketer. So click here and register now! Q: How do I get into Middlesex? A: (UK only) For players aged between 9 and 14, Middlesex Cricket operates a highly successful pathway up to county cricket. Your club or school can nominate you into the borough programme which is the entry point of our player pathway. Contact your Club Colts manager to discuss the process. Q: We have attended a camp before, but why should I come again? A:Have another great experience with us at one of our TMGA camps! You’ll work with new players, be challenged and have further opportunities to develop your skills to improve your game. If you work with the same coaches again, in the 4 days you worked with them on the previous camp, you will have only scratched the surface. These coaches are exceptionally high quality, with a huge amount of experience and knowledge to pass on. So you could spend all year with them and still have plenty to learn. If you get the opportunity to work with new coaches, or different coaches, you’ll have the opportunity to build new relationships, learn from some of the best and improve your game drawing on their experiences. Developing your skills and refreshing key learning by attending another camp is a great way of progressing your performance. We will work with you referring to your previous electronic camp diary too, to build on previous experience and support your progress appropriately. The environment we set at the camps is based about developing players, regardless of age or ability, with better cricket skills and better personal skills. The hard work, atmosphere and excitement we create is one that all players will enjoy and benefit from. Q: What if I have exams and school work? A: We have purposefully designed our camp days to be intense 3 and half hours and across 4 days. This will allow all players to get ample study time in before and after cricket training. Here at TMGA we highly value the importance of school and education. Having academic results helps with career progression outside of cricket which is important to all young people, even those that go on to play professional cricket. There is lots of research about the benefits of exercise, social interaction and physical activity on academic results, due to reduced stress levels, enhanced concentration and focus and by giving boost to self confidence/self belief. So by attending the camps, you’ll be healthier, improve your cricket and help improve academic scores too! Q: I am going on holiday, I can't attend all or part of the camp? A: That is a shame. Our camp days are set and we require players to sign up to all 4 days due to the nature of the programme. If you miss a day due to holiday, that may be your decision, however we do not offer a reduced attendance rate. We would love to see you at any future camps and academy activities, so please keep an eye out on our social media streams and our website for upcoming announcements and future events.

Camp Logistics

Q: What are the timings of the camp? A: Each day will start at 10am and finish at 4pm. Q: What should I bring? A: Players are reminded to bring all their own food, players are recommended to bring healthy snacks. However, there is a No Nut Policy due to player allergy we politely ask all players to ensure a nut free snack. Players to bring their own drinks as well as a refillable water bottle. We advise each player to bring their own cricket kit with you each day as well.​ Q: What should I wear? A: Players must wear appropriate clothing and hats for skin care and well being, players may also wear sunglasses if they wish, and are reminded to bring and administer their own high factor suncream before the day and reapplied as required during the day. Coaches and staff are not permitted to apply suncream.​​Players are required to bring cricket spikes as well as trainers, open toed shoes are not allowed. Q: What if I don't have my own kit? A: We recommend all players to bring cricket kit, however please let us know when booking if the player will not have their own kit. Q: Running late (drop off or collection)? A: If parents/guardians are unable to meet the drop off and collection times there will be supervision of players until 5.30pm at the latest, after this time we will no longer be able to supervise players. ​​​ Q: What will happen if it's wet? A: Wet weather activities planned with indoor space available. Q: My child has a specific medical condition(s). Do i need to tell you? A: Yes – please tell us anything we need to know about your child's health when you make your booking e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, serious allergies and so on. In some cases we may need to send you some more forms and get additional information from you regarding your child's needs. The more information you provide us with the better care we can provide for your child. Q: What happens if my child is ill or has an accident at camp? A: Qualified first aiders at each camp deal with accidents and illnesses. However should a child suffer a more serious injury or fall ill at camp you will be contacted immediately.

Cricket Experience

Q: Does this help get my son or daughter into the Middlesex team/pathway? A: No the camp does not help get any particpants get into the Middlesex pathway. Q: Who are the coaches? A: Each coach will be fully compliant with up to date; First Aid training, Safeguarding and Protecting Children training, UKCC Level 2 coaching qualified or above*, ECB CA membership, plus a Full Enhanced DBS certificate. (*Middlesex Professional 1st Xl squad playing staff will not be fully compliant however will hold a current DBS certificate.) Q:What is the partnership with Sachin Tendulkar? A: Middlesex Cricket and Sachin Tendulkar share the same common goals when it comes to cricket and both of their passions for developing new and existing players of the game, allowing us to set up this unique camp to provide such opportunities for young players of all abilities. By working together, we can provide players will the methodologies for cricketing success going forward.

Note: These sit as a stand alone camps and have no impact on our player or performance pathway. 

All commitments on specific people’s attendance on or through camp are subject to change.